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Facility Management Consultancy
            We Specialise in Facility Management Consultancy

Today's property owners understand the value of facilities management (FM) for their buildings and facilities. An experience FM would assist the Property Owners in reducing operational expenses and enhancing the constructed facilities' sustainability and life cycle during the design development and Construction phases of a project. Our objective is to work with the property owners to put measures into place that will enable a smooth transition of the built facilities from planning, design to completion and occupation. We provide effective solution to our clients for maintaining their existing and new buildings.

Design Stage

We offer our advice on the following during the design stage by helping to review the design for operational pitfalls:

  • Building cooling & humidity

  • Fire & life safety systems

  • External and Internal ambient conditions (Lights, noise & air)

  • Building operational requirements

  • Review on effective FM space planning

Handing Over / Completion stage

At this stage, we assist the owner on the following;

  • Obtain and validate records such as asset registers, spare parts lists, warranties, and commissioning records.

  • Develop FM operational plan and budget

  • Review and develop Building User Handbook

Construction Stage

In order to ensure the built facilities operate without a hitch, we will now analyse the construction documents and develop operational strategies.

  • Review submission drawings from Contractors

  • Review operation & maintenance documents submitted by contractors

  • Review essential installation that will have long term effect on FM in terms of maintenance cost

  • Review equipment Life Cycle Costing

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