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Engineering Consultancy
Planning, Design, Construction & Facility Maintenance

Air-Conditioning Systems

  • Centralize Chiller water system & associated works

  • Split unit system

  • Building Control System

Plumbing Systems

  • Cold-Water & Sanitary Plumbing

  • Hot Water System

  • Waste System

  • RWDP

  • Rain Water Harvesting

Mechanical Ventilation Systems

  • Basement Ventilation

  • Toilet ventilation

  • Staircase & lift lobby Pressurization system

  • Plant room ventilation

  • Fresh air system

Electrical Systems

  • Electrical (Medium/Low voltage)

  • CCTV

  • Card Access

  • PA System

Fire Protection Systems

  • Hose Reel 

  • Wet Riser

  • Sprinkler

  • Dry Riser

  • Fire Extinguisher system

  • Co2

  • Fire Alarm system

Lift/ Escalators Systems

  • Motor Room Lift

  • Motor Roomless Lift

  • Travolator

  • Escalator

  • Hydraulic Lift

  • Home Lift

Green & Sustainable Design


Green Building design 

Sustainability and green design involving few criteria such as Energy Efficiency, Indoor Environmental Quality, Water Efficiency, Sustainable planning, Material/Resources and Innovation. We are green engineers and facilitator's who are specialize in GBI, GreenRE, LEEDs Certifications.


Energy Management

Planning, operating energy production and energy distribution are all part of energy management. The goals is to save resources, protect the environment, and reduce costs. It is the key to reducing energy use in your company. We are specialize in planning and management to help our clients to manage their facilities.


Energy Audit & Analysis

All buildings must undergo periodic energy audits, ensuring systems operate efficiently. These energy audits must be done regularly and throughout the building’s lifespan for continuous energy-saving benefits. Our experienced team of engineers help you manage the auditing process while you focus on your business operation needs.



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